• It is very likely that you do not give a fuck about the above picture, and that’s ok. 

    I just thought I would post it because I have talked to two people this week about how I’m able to buy so much clothing… and though I do not think my finances are something I will ever talk about on tumblr I figured from one financially irresponsible semi adult to another I would show you this… 

    If you don’t know what Mint.com is you do now. People my age aren’t introduced to these totally FREE services very often and they can be more than helpful a lot of the time! 

    So the above graph is a break down from my checking account (I have two checking accounts this one is the one I use for spending and paying rent, the other one pays debts). 

    The beautiful thing about this service is that it literally requires next to zero work on your part. The website accesses your account and breaks down how and where you’ve spent your money. And if you choose to you can use it just for monitoring where your money is going. 

    But you can also use it for budgeting and setting savings goals and loads of other things.

    And I’m sure I sound like some weird advertisement right now, but seriously…. Our generation is not informed about the resources available. We are expected to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps but nobody ever even told us to put the fucking bootstraps on! 

    So I just thought I’d share this cause it’s helpful to me and it could be helpful to you <3

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