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YES, SAME. I want to be a garden.


Do you find it hard to decide some times cause you’re like “oh ok I think I want my thigh tattooed… and also my arm… and also my belly… and also my back… yes… all flowers.” 

Like… ok… just… FLOWERS OK!?!? and plants. and maybe some bees and butterflies and plant life. 


No, I’m not exaggerating… really… a garden. 

I’ve been feeling really stuck about tattoo stuff lately. 

I’m not going back to my old artist (because we were sleeping together and that’s just not appropriate anymore) and I have to find a new artist, and I am scared to trust them and I’m feeling really weird about the whole thing… 

but today I took the leap and started emailing the guy I’m going to go see and i think I’ve made a decide on my next piece and i think I’m excited about it. 

Basically I’d just like my entire body to be a garden, ya know? 

Anonymous asked:

I don't understand why you won't give any advice to all the folks who ask about your income/how you got your start/other random sex work q's. Even if you got into that line of work without networking with anyone or asking those kinds of q's you obviously have more information worth sharing now. It seems like you're being really protective of a career path that anyone can do. Like if you asked a doctor how they got their start/about their income they'd tell you, not get all defensive & pissed.

I’m not pissed, I just truly do not have the answers a lot of the time. Also, do you think doctors get asked 10 times a day about their income? 10 times a day for advice? 10 times a day for “tricks of the trade”??? 

And, look… this is difficult to explain… but I doubt doctors feel some moral obligation to make sure that future doctors understand the risks and realities of the profession. 

I give out a LOT of advice to fellow sex workers (trust me there are gobs of women on here who I have talked to at length). 

AND- I have also made it crystal clear to people that I think, as sex workers, we NEED to be more open and honest about our incomes and what we make and all that stuff. I think the fact that we’re all made to feel like we’re in competition with each other and pinned against one another is a problem in the industry. 

I don’t feel ethically OK with telling a girl who asks me “I wanna cam but I’ve never done sex work and I dunno if it’s worth it, how much could I make?” - that she could make as much as me or other women cause 1) I dunno how much other women make and 2) it’s an industry where there are risks and I don’t want to be responsible for leading someone into that without explaining those risks- and I ain’t got time to explain those risks to 10 people a day!!!! 

I am open and honest always. I talk to other sex workers every single day. I ask for advice/give advice damn near every day. I talk about my income with other sex workers every single day. I don’t feel comfortable putting my camming income out there because that’s not a whole picture of what I do. 


I feel like a less hot version of Fats (Corissa) in this picture. And that’s basically telling myself that I’ve gotten really, really hot.


I feel like a less hot version of Fats (Corissa) in this picture. And that’s basically telling myself that I’ve gotten really, really hot.