Appropriate shirt is appropriate.

Nate asked me how popular this post is. He said “I wanna know my internet points” 


Appropriate shirt is appropriate.

Nate asked me how popular this post is. He said “I wanna know my internet points” 

This is the dorkiest corner of me and nates home. I love all his nerdy adorable stuff. He’s my fave.


If you are thinking about being a cam model or making content or becoming a porn star please do not get discouraged by sex workers who do not want to give out advice. 

The sex industry is really tricky and weird and sex workers are very quiet about what they do and how they do it. 

I firmly believe that the reason web models have been made to feel like this is because when we feel competitive and don’t work together we stay on the bottom rung of this industry. There is more than one way to exploit women, and by making them feel alone and isolated within the industry the people who are “executive” level in this industry are making more money. I TRULY think that if we all worked together and fucking TALKED about sex work we would see MANY MANY more successful women in the industry and especially in higher level positions (website owners, producers, THERE ARE CORPORATE STRUCTURES TO PORN!)

It’s not cool to anonymously message sex workers and ask them to tell you everything about everything. That’s disrespectful. And you’re going to be told by a lot of people that they don’t want to talk to you. But don’t let that stop you from doing the damn thing! 

Be creative. When I saw that nobody wanted to give advice to fellow sex workers I approached the cam studio I work for and asked them if they had ever considered having cam model mentors. They hadn’t! So now I get to give advice to new models and feel awesome about it and make a little money from it. And that’s great because that means I am literally INVESTED in their success. 

Make this industry work for YOU. Don’t worry about fitting into some mold or doing it exactly like everyone else. Figure out what YOU want from sex work and go get it baby!!!!!!! 

*edited to make the language more inclusive*


ps- sorry that post was so cis. 

I’m gonna go back and edit it to, ya know, include sex workers who don’t identify as “girls”… cause there’s lots of them and i recklessly call all sex workers “girls” frequently and I’m trying really really hard to not do that. 

I’m sorry. 

I’m gonna do an MFC show tomorrow and I’m a little stressed about it cause I never cam for tips and I also never stay on cam very long (like I have a feeling I would have to be on mfc for  hours to hit what I make on streamate in an hour), and I also am usually naked as fuck as soon as possible on streamate and I’m not used the the whole “slowly get naked for tips” thing and like that’s really hard for me?!?!? 

Anyway, it’s stressin me out a little. 

Anonymous asked:

I need an opinion and maybe you could help? I have a mutual follower who has a lot of financial problems. Every few weeks they are posting a link for people to donate and it's always for different issue each time. I don't have a problem with it. The issue I have is that I have reblogged their posts at their request to signal boost in the past and the follower keeps asking me to. Over and over. I have donated and got the word out. Am I being an asshole if I no longer wish to continue to?

No you’re not an asshole. 

maybe ask yourself why you don’t wanna keep reblogging though. 

I’ve had to think about this a lot cause I get a lot of people asking me to signal boost stuff for them and I just tell everyone “no”. 

And then the other day my friend (like irl friend) had a fundraising thing up and I reblogged it without even thinking twice. 

And I realized “hmmm… am I deeming some people’s needs as more worthy than others? Why am I reblogging her stuff and won’t reblog other people’s stuff? I encourage asking for help, so why would I ever tell someone no when asked to reblog something?” 

I’ve thought a LOT about it. 

One time about 4 days before Christmas I was grocery shopping with my mom and sister (I was maybe 10?) and we were leaving the store and there was about a foot of snow on the ground. There was a woman sitting in front of the store with a sign asking for help. My mom had just got money out of the ATM (presumably to send to someone for Christmas or to give to one of us) and as we left she handed the woman $100. And I remember feeling kind of panicked and was like “mom why did you give her all that money that was for Christmas! She probably didn’t even need that much!!!” and my mom very patiently said to me “Honey, it is not easy to ask for help. It doesn’t matter what she needs, she’s asked for help and we are lucky enough to be able to help her”

Look, you can do whatever you want. You have the ability to say “no”.

But someone is coming to you for help. And you’re capable of helping them. So why not?