Winter break cannot come soon enough. I need these fucking wisdom teeth out like…. uhhh…. 7 years ago? 

things are starting to become unbearableeeeeee

I just went to Nate’s tumblr to see if he was doing anything fun while I’m at the studio working (because texting is so 2013). 

And there was nothing exciting going on over there at all. 

…. and I wonder if he’s sad that I’m not home to take a picture of him lying in a giant pile of dildos. 

AAAHHHHHH ok ok I gotta go to bed so I can go see salemfuckingmoreau and collect my dildos and go to lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a really great day. 

minus the whole ass to mouth accidental poo particles on my tongue thing. 

bodies are so cool and my twat is doing some really cool weird stuff since I quit taking birth control and it’ll be cool to see what new weird stuff it does after I get this IUD in too. 

eldebo asked:

On that note, what is your favorite pizza to get? From a chain or is there a good local place near you? What do you usually put on it; do you and Nate do half and half toppings or do y'all like the same stuff?

Nate and I change up where we get pizza from regularly but I don’t LOVE pizza as much as he does and I like to actually eat GASP vegetables with dinner. So anytime we order pizza we usually order from somewhere with good appetizers so I can get hummus or SOMETHING that isn’t pizza that tastes at least semi-fresh. 

And we’re both really into creative toppings, one of our faves is a philly cheese steak pizza. I love pepperoni but since Nate started eating meat I don’t see him ordering a pizza with less than 3 meat toppings anytime soon.