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    "You’re not like other girls"

    Yes actually I am. Girls are awesome, shut the fuck up.

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  • Fats, you're beautiful! Can I ask where you got that red dress you wore in the field from your photoshoot? It's so cute!

    WETSEAL!!! I was worried cause i thought it was a knit and they only had a 2x left so I ordered the 2x… And when I got it it’s actually a woven material with no stretch but the 2x was perfect for me!

    I couldn’t squeeze into their 3x pants if my life depended on it tho so just be careful with their sizing cause it’s not super reliable!

  • Nate and I were at an event the other day and there was a girl (maybe 9 years old?) who was greeting people. She made mention of Halloween so I asked her what she was gonna be…

    She said “have you ever heard of a band called the spice girls???”

    Imagine my excitement when I heard that, and I was like “OF COURSE I HAVE OMG!!!”

    And she says “I’m going to be a zombie spice girl”

    Bringing girl power back from the dead. Little kids are so fucking cool.

  • Tryin to get it so hard tbh

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    I got suspended from twitter for this. In case you were curious.

    Unlike FB, you can report people for harassing others on Twitter.

    Here’s a link to one of his tweets so you have something to put in the URL box: https://twitter.com/mkw_garcia/status/523681915186855936

    Here’s what I wrote “He tweeted her a picture of his dick, and then threatened to rape her. Yet her account was deleted and his was not. Please explain.”

    If you go back in his timeline, his doing this to A LOT of models. This isn’t an isolated incident. Let’s get this creep off of Twitter, yeah?

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that out and report him babe <3

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  • chocolatecakesandthickmilkshakes:

    Elephants are the reincarnated souls of some really decent people.

    that baby elephant is Nate I s2g

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  • hikingthetrails:


    I want this rly bad

    I want to be there! Now!

    I saw this and thought “I wanna live here with Nate” and then immediately thought “he would throw a fucking fit if I had all them lights on”

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  • getting suspended from twitter is the only interesting thing happening in my life right now

    but also I’m doing a photoshoot on Wednesday that I am VERY excited about. 

  • Anonymous
    I was just wondering. What ethnicity mostly buys your clips? I'm not going turn your answer around or accuse you or your fans of anything. I just was curious. Feel 100% free not to answer. Thank you weather or not you choose to answer. : )

    Soooo “ethnicity” can mean lots of things, and I have a feeling what you’re wondering is what “race” most of the people who buy my clips are…. and there is literally no way for me to know that.