In bed crying over how perfect and precious my nibling is. I love her with all of my overfilled aching heart. Ugh.

if you’re a sex worker and we’ve talked on twitter or email or via asks on here or anything before could you like this so I can follow you? plz and thnx. 

Anonymous asked:

I'm so damn sad I can't suck a dick. I mean I've asked, but he said no. He's missing out though. Unfortunately, I have thoughts that I'll never be good enough to suck dick. I know it'll eventually happen but I just want it really bad ya know? :c

says the dude behind his computer holding his dick and hoping I’ll respond to one of THE LIKE 10 MESSAGES I GET A WEEK EXACTLY LIKE THIS. 

Like, fuck, man… pay me. If you wanna play out some fucking fantasy where you’re a sad baby that doesn’t know how to suck a dick PAYYYY MEEEEE.

god damn. 

Anonymous asked:

Like how do you even get this big? I can't even imagine the massive amount of food you must have to eat to get to your size, it's sickening tbh.. Stop acting like stuffing yourself full of junk till you're 200 pounds overweight is something that should be congratulated and encouraged because honestly it's actually pretty fucking disgusting


I can straight up tell you that you thinking you have the right to make these kind of assumptions and assessments about me from solely looking at me or any other fat person is far more disgusting than what you have a problem with.

I am so over you fatphobic turds that ALWAYS try to make it out like people who are showing themselves not being miserable, or dressing up, or doing anything other than being miserable and hiding or posting a before/after picture is somehow expecting to be congratulated.  Really?  The fact that I just merely exist as I am and refuse to remain hidden is somehow asking to be congratulated?  I’m delusional and yet you think a fat person not wallowing in self pity is the equivalent to them asking for a reward for being fat.  Get off of your high horse and worry about your damn self because you sure as hell have a lot of improvement to do internally. 
You know what’s disgusting?  The fact that the notion of a fat person actually existing happily is so appalling to you that you think it’s perfectly okay to send someone a message like this and that you’re in the right.

Also, yeah, every single fat person must be eating an excess of 5000+ calories a day to remain fat.  It’s not like the majority of the fat population aren’t poor and can’t even afford to eat that much.  I never claimed to be healthy, but the fact that you think you can just stereotype every single fat person into eating copious amounts of food 100% of the time is ridiculous.  Cause I’m sure you don’t know any thin people who eat a ton of food, who aren’t that active, and who still remain thin.  It couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with metabolism, genetics, or otherwise.  I’m sure you can’t even fathom the idea that there are a lot of fat people who normally only eat one meal per day (and no, it doesn’t contain 5,000 calories itself).  I bet if I told you that I once had a boyfriend who was 6’3”, 140lbs and he ate like an absolute horse and outdid me every time we had a’d claim I was lying. Nope, every single fat person is fat from continuously eating non-stop every single day.  Fat people don’t have regular lives like other people, obviously.  

Can you just go on your merry way and stop obsessing over people for merely existing happily who are absolutely in no way harming you or anyone else?  Cause I mean, I feel like you’d be a lot happier yourself if you could let go of some things that are pretty your thought process atm.

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Now that the site is finally launched it’s time to get my life back in order. Which means FINALLY cleaning the studio space… which hasn’t been done since Nate and I moved MOST of my stuff to his place. 

It’s a fucking wreck in here. Please get me out of here.