I waxed my lip today… I had like three hairs that were probs 2cm long. 

I miss licking them now. 

I’m staying with my brother and niece at my folks house this week to help him and my folks are outta town blah blah blah… 

long story short… 

I am obsessed with my family. I love them dearly. 

And also I gotta fucking work. And I try to say things like “um, I gotta work at 10 on Thursday and Friday night” and be delicate so that it’s understood that ya know… I gotta do porn stuff and so maybe i might need the house to myself? They KNOW what I do. They know that I cam. They know I am in porn. They know my job requires me to be naked and doing things that you generally don’t want your family seeing you do. 

But nobody listens or respects that and it’s like I’m forced to say to them “I have to do PORN so I can’t do that please respect my fucking boundaries!!!” 

It’s just pretty annoying. Because then I get this attitude like “ugh omg can’t you do your little porno thing like some other time?” and uh NO… no i cannot. I am fucking WORKING. I have a fucking SCHEDULE. I have DEADLINES just like any other job. Actually, probably MORE than most other jobs. 

And when I can’t get on cam I am losing out on hundreds of dollars. AND THAT MAKES ME VERY GRUMPY. 

I hate when fat people try to commiserate with me about being fat. 

Today the woman who was taking my blood was talking about her flabby arms and then spouting off about how she did this to herself and we all make choices and blah blah… 

and then she told me she wanted to go back to being young. I told her she was gorgeous numerous times. She talked about how your skin gets less elastic when you’re old and she wishes she had done something sooner - as if she was giving me some amazing advice. 

When I had had enough I just said “I’m actually getting my blood drawn today because this is the first time since I was 9 that I have gone a year without losing and gaining about 100 pounds at a time. We’re doing blood work because this is the first time my doctor has ever been able to get a baseline analysis of what my healthy body may look like. Being fat has been great for me.” 

… that didn’t shut her up. 

I did not agree to this bullshit.