Anonymous asked:

hey, mebbe get Nate to like put his hands on the side of your head at 3 and 5 inches to get an idea of what it might look like.. lol i dunno maybe dumb idea X3 . but whatever you tell the stylist will be the right choice dammit.

this was a really cute message thank you :) 

I’m not scared to get my hair chopped off. I’d have practically no hair if I wasn’t a fucking conformist asshole who wanted to make as much money as possible in their career. 

Today Nate was playing with my niece and he held her over his head and she yacked like ON his mouth.

And not bb spit up, like toddler sweet potato barf.

And Nate is such a champ he just laughs and cleans up and keeps playing with her.

I really wanna maybe have his children someday maybe kind of?!

Appointment tomorrow for a hair cut. Gonna do at least 3 inches. Maybe 5?

Do people still wear perfume?

This is a serious question. I feel like I never ever smell it on anyone. And I don’t wear it.

I’m getting a chemical peel on Monday, and when my face is done peeling (cause doing too much at once can really fuck with your self image), I’m going to start giong back to brunette. 

I am also likely going to cut about 5 inches off my hair. 

Like, I get it everyone is attached to my hair but i’m not and I’m fucking sick of it.